Friday, March 14, 2014

One Watercolor a Day exercise: Day one. Let's paint!

My teacher and friend, Veronica Lawlor's book called One watercolor a day out last year. This book has been included studio 1482 members' beautiful art. My teacher David J. Passalacqua used to tell us. "If you do one drawing a day, you would have 365 drawings end of year" So true but up until now I didn't truly understand that. It made me participated this new book, One watercolor a day, exercises. It is not easy to do it by yourself until you hang of it. or maybe you can but I couldn't. There's Facebook page that I can do this work out with a great fellow artist. Lots inspirations and motivations and learning and fun. Yes, FUN! without Fun art is Pizza without coke. lol
You can check it out... 
I got the book late and determination took some time so I started a little bit late.

Day 1: exercise #1 Let's paint.
create different combination of colors...
bring up my inner Jackson pollack....

I had great time during this exercise. good starting.
There's another book called "One drawing a day" by Veronica Lawlor. If you are interested in please do check it out.

I believe that You do not learn the technique to be good artist. You are a good artist and you need a technique for your art and you know how to do it. When you need it you will learn it. That's why I love this book and Veronica. We are NOT just learning the technique but how to use it for your own art(voice).

Veronica said got a little bit dirty on hands so I followed.
Here's a picture before and after. :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pottery Painting #3

Jan. 18. 2014 I went to the pottery painting with my friends Evan Turk, Chris Brody, and Julia Sverchuk.
I did 3 different things. plus
Dish- Hippos. I was worried that hippos' face wont come out. but it looks great. :)


Vase: I was trying to limited the paint. I found that was really hard. :) I liked this shape. The colors came out good. 


Tiles.... I was drawing a figure but more like i want to play with colors..

and my name lol: it was Hardest things to do...

I like pottery painting. it is very relaxing. I hope you enjoy my pottery. :)