Friday, November 8, 2013

Figure study #4 : Pattern

It was long but some of words caught my eyes.

.....Any of the five senses may directly observe patterns. Conversely, abstract patterns in science, mathematics, or language may be observable only by analysis. Direct observation in practice means seeing visual patterns, which are widespread in nature and in art....... Patterns have an underlying mathematical structure; indeed, mathematics can be seen as the search for regularities, and the output of any function is a mathematical pattern. Similarly in the sciences, theories explain and predict regularities in the world......

 I think drawing is coming from a direct observation and finding out the truth.  As artists we have to tune to patterns and how I train myself is keep on drawing and finding it.

Picasso said "I do not seek, I find"

I had a great model last night. Kika was one of my favorite model to draw. She was a very tiny woman but when she modeled, she filled out a whole space. She was up, down, and all 4 sides at same time. As usual she was a great story teller. What a great night!


Art nouveau and Art deco

Drawing with stick
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