Thursday, October 31, 2013

Figure Study #3

Another great day of study.
My mind was too busy.
I thought I saw things but I didn't see anything.
Once I started to see, look and draw, I saw things that my brain forgot to tell me.
Open up the senses and feelings for what's happening in front of me.
Put that down.
Honesty between my mind and paper.
There's my drawing.

Below 2 drawings are same pose but different graphics

Below 2 drawings are I made it invert in Photoshop in the computer. 
I wanted to see the design (shapes and directions and marks) better or differently. Why not?   

Below drawings are 2 hands same time and 1-2 minutes drawings.
I tried different things than last figure study #2. I used different mediums. 
Brush Vs Pen. soft pastel Vs hard charcoal.
I tried invert in photoshop.
Yes, I love Cy Twombly and Robert Motherwell. 

Playing with space.

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Elephants and Giraffes :African Safari

This is a part of my study drawing of elephants and giraffes. I am working on children's book called African Safari. It has a facebook page: African safari kids club. Please check the Facebook and If you like it then click LIKED. :D

Here is a cute picture of my friend Brooke and her son. If you want to share a pictures, Please send it to African safari kids club. Thank you Brooke to share this picture.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Figure study #2

The Other day I had a chance to draw a great model. She had a beautiful hands and feet. Her body had a "gravity and depth". Personally I love her hair. Definitely she was very much theatrical. I was playing internal design, shapes and pacing of drawing. I hope i learned something :D.... There is no short cut to learn beside keep on drawing. Hope you Enjoy!

These 2 drawings below; I used 2 hands same time and different pacing. It is great practice.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Figure study #1

I had a chance to draw last week. Every time I draw I found out I didn't know how to draw. It was a little bit sad but then it was fun. It changed. It was hard again. One thing motivated me to keep on going would be my favorite artist Hokusai.

“I have drawn things since I was six. All that I made before the age of sixty-five is not worth counting. At seventy-three I began to understand the true construction of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes, and insects. At ninety I will enter into the secret of things. At a hundred and ten, everything--every dot, every dash--will live”
Hokusai Katsushika

It is hard to learn how to draw but once you enter the world of drawing you can not get out.

I would like to share my drawings which are not worthy to counting :) but I am keep on going because one day I want to be an artist like Hokusai and Picasso.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A little princess ....

This is a little drawing I made when I was down Walt Disney World in Aug. 2013.
One of the cutest thing happened at the magic kingdom. All the little princess and prince came out. If I have a kid I would def. do this. :D
She was very much amused by her wand. :D

Saturday, October 12, 2013

African Safari thumbnail drawings #1

I am always working on children's books. One thing I have when I have nothing to do. It is like my playground and unlimited freedom. It is a pure imagination and Fun Fun Fun!!! Nowadays I am working on "African Safari" Here's some of my drawings. One day I am going to go to African safari. Anyone has same dream? :D Happy weekend!
Please follow me On my facebook page for African Safari book.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pottery Painting #1

Time to time I am doing Pottery painting. It is a very ritual experience for me. When I am working on a project, my studio is one big mess. I have all the control and I see the result right a way. But Pottery painting is very different from that. The first, I have to go studio (Muddworks) and they have their own set up. I have to follow their rules. The second, I picked up the bisque which in my head I know what I want it such as a shapes, size, and usages. The third, I had to pick up the colors which was I needed a lots of my imagination power to see the colors after it came from oven. for example, Looking at the brownish colors and think(imagine) that it will be a dark blue. hahaha Yes, it was tough at first. At last I had to wait for 7-10 days to see the final piece. Oh I forgot to mention it. You must paint 3 times to see solid colors. When you paint you cannot jump on all over the place because you have to do layers. So you have to learn to wait for paint to dry. Now anyone agree with me this is a ritual? :D I am still an experimental Pottery Painting.

Here's some of my potteries. 
Tree of life #1
 The first time I went with  my dear friends. It was really fun.

This is before pottery was made in oven. ( after painting is done)

This is my second time. It is called Holey Boley. It has a chopstick holder. It is good for noodles and it was for my mother who wanted this bowl very much.

This is my third times.                              
Tree of life #2

 This is my 4th times.
 Lotus Holey Boley #2

I am waiting for this one to be done. I hope you guys enjoy as much as i do. I cant wait to see my Lotus Holey Boley.