Friday, November 15, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

India at the animal kingdom (Disney park)

This panoramic drawing got lots patterns that connected with my figure study #4. Thank you for loving figure study #4 blog. Patterns from marks and graphics in my drawing. One day I would love to visit INDIA. Happy Wednesday y'all!

Dino Olympics : Winter Olympics Thumbnails research

I love Olympics Games, events and performances. So I am making Dino Olympics. it is so natural thing to do. I am looking forward to finish the book by next year 2014 Sochi winter Olympics.  there's lots interesting sports in winter Olympics. " Go USA"
I love these little guys. :D

Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Figure study #4 : Pattern

It was long but some of words caught my eyes.

.....Any of the five senses may directly observe patterns. Conversely, abstract patterns in science, mathematics, or language may be observable only by analysis. Direct observation in practice means seeing visual patterns, which are widespread in nature and in art....... Patterns have an underlying mathematical structure; indeed, mathematics can be seen as the search for regularities, and the output of any function is a mathematical pattern. Similarly in the sciences, theories explain and predict regularities in the world......

 I think drawing is coming from a direct observation and finding out the truth.  As artists we have to tune to patterns and how I train myself is keep on drawing and finding it.

Picasso said "I do not seek, I find"

I had a great model last night. Kika was one of my favorite model to draw. She was a very tiny woman but when she modeled, she filled out a whole space. She was up, down, and all 4 sides at same time. As usual she was a great story teller. What a great night!


Art nouveau and Art deco

Drawing with stick
 Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend! :D

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Great deaign and art are always great. It works everytimes.

Today's weather wasn't that great in NYC. It is humid and cloudy... and showers time to time.... It will be really cozy and sweet if you are in bed all day kind of day. You know what I mean...
I was looking at somethings in internet. I saw the chanel movie in you tube.

Chanel's : Christmas 2013 Makeup Collection: Nuit Infinie de CHANEL 2013

This reminds me of my all time favorite movie Orson wells' "Lady from shanghai" 1947


Personally I think I like Orson wells' better. He knew how to draw and one smart person. One day I want to be like him. Happy Thursday everyone and keep staying dry!  
Ps: Dont get me wrong I love Chanel......

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pottery painting #2 : Lotus Holey Boley

A few weeks ago I painted this pottery. My lotus Holey boley was done. Today I picked it up.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charles W. Morgan : Stepping foremast

Oct. 17. 2013 I got up early because I had a long driving trip ahead. A few weeks ago I had an email from Veronica Lawlor (Dalvero Academy). The email had an information about Charles W. Morgan's stepping foremast event that I could reportage. It wasn't a class but it would be fun and important. Due to it was happening on Thursday, lots people from Dalvero couldn't participate. I was a little concerned about my neck disc because I had to drive two and half hours. However, Oct.15.2013 I made my mind. This was a life time event and if I missed I missed this event forever. This was not any other ship. This was the Charles W. Morgan the last wooden whaling ship in America.

I didn't know what to expect. Only thing I had a chance to do was reading an article from Mystic seaport website ( ). The ceremony was started at 10:00am. So I aimed for 9:30am. At that morning I was worried I would be too early because of museum opening time. Later I found that I wasn't early at all. I was late. Yes, I was fashionably late.

Reportage is a general analysis over all event and place through Artist's eyes and hands.

I missed the preparations of stepping mast (event). My fellow artist Susan Buroker left home 4:00am and arrived Mystic 7:00am. I wish I knew I could get in that early. But I didn't and I thought this would be a good lesson for me. Now I know. Next time I won't miss it. :D None the less I missed the preparation it was great and more than I could imagine. I would be very disappointed if I missed this.

I didn't have time to walk around or drink a cup of coffee.  I briefly Hi to my friends (Susan, Despina and Margaret) then I had to start to draw it. It was happening already...

Mystic crews were working on ropes when I arrived there. The mast was placed and ready to be hook to the crane.

9 years old Dylan was waiting for placed the 1941 US silver half dollars under foremast.

 I never saw the crane that close up. It was a little bit scary. I went up to the Morgan.
Omg, It was a huge!
Put down the mast was very delicate thing. It was great team works. I had to say. At that time I wasn't sure I could go down and I had to be careful not to bother mystic crews. They told me I could go downstairs. So I did.  :)
 left and right .... a very delicate work and again great team works......
 They added white stuff around silver coin. I asked a person next to me "what's that?" He said "glue"....
1841 Silver half dollars was placed under mast.
 Coin was Sealed till next restoration....

Mystic crews were making sure the mast was straight.

After Mystic crews took a lunch break, They brought in bricks. The ship looked so good. :D

The Charles W. Morgan has 3 masts. There will 2 more stepping masts and there will be a coin placed under each mast: 1941 U.S. Silver Half-Dollar and 2013 U.S. Silver Dollar.
I hope you enjoy my reportage. Thank you and welcome.

You can see more pictures and stories at below link from Mystic museum and stay tune for next stepping.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The first time visiting Governors Island, NY

I lived in New York for 21 years but I never visit the Governors Island until now.  The island belongs to Manhattan borough and it is located at south of Manhattan. You can take a free ferry from Manhattan or Brooklyn. It opened to public during the summer on weekends. The Governors Island had great events and people could enjoy the outdoor. I had a chance to see french carousels. It was a bless. I only went once and the first time this year. Definitely I will revisit next year.

I love that island. It is a great part of NYC life. If you want to meet the new yorkers, please visit the island.

Here's a few drawings I did and some photos I took. I was there for only 2 hours  or so because it took me more time to get there (subway weekend schedules). Yes, I did so non-new yorker thing. :)

TIP: Please check MTA for subway route. It is THE weekend. also Pack your lunch because the line was very long and it is good for picnic. Get the blankets or a jacket temperature maybe down later afternoon. People who was waiting at the ferry there's only 2 restrooms = long waiting line but Once you are in island there's huge restroom and no line. :D

Oh, One last thing. If you have a cycle , go for it. It is very nice to go around riding it in the island. :D
Happy November!
Just for fun, I wanted to post the French Carousel I saw when I was in the Paris. See How magical it is!