Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stamp designs for dalvero mystic show 2015: Opening Sat. Nov. 21. 2015

I love to design stamps. These stamps are going to be on exhibition for mystic seaport museum. the exhibition opens Sat. Nov. 21 2015. Come out and enjoy the show.



Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015

One of my favorite parade in NYC. Usually this parade made my mental clock changed to spring time. I know today we will have 2-4 inches snow but spring is here or will be here no matter what happen today. :) It was great to go outside and draw. Yes. it was cold and the wind was so strong.
 So many people came out to celebrating their heritage. Grand parents brought their grand children and explained Irish culture and pointed their school and family stories that they heard from their mothers and fathers. What a great feeling! I am 100% Korean but I was always interested in other cultures and people. That's why I became an artist.
As you could see it was very windy day. The hats and flags were flying all over the place.

Wow, when FDNY came crowds were cheering louder and my heart beat faster and touched by their march. I was so proud of them and admired them.Yes, ever since 9/11 this parade was part of me.
The first time I reportage St. Patrick's Day Parade wasn't easy. My teacher Dave J. Passalacqua asked  me to draw this parade about 14-15 years ago. That was my first time encountered St. Patty Parade. It was way too fast and design was so hard. Also I had no idea how to connect to it.  In order to reportage I need to have some opinions/feelings or some sort of connection with subject through any my artistic intuitions. I am not blood related but ever since 9/11 everything has been changed. Living in NYC and one of an Asian American I am a part of this parade and so proud of it.
Without green hats it was not St. Patty's Day.

He was great! I gotta draw him.

                                                      There's NYPD and Horse COPs.

Clover! Can't miss that!

 Bagpipes. Love them.

I went there with my artist friends : Evan Turk ( St. Patrick's Day Parade) and Audrey Hawkins ( The New York City 2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade ) Our inspiration was our teacher and friend who was born in St. Patty's day. Happy birthday Veronica Lawlor ( Inspire Yourself! )

You can also enjoy my friend's reportage in above links.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Come Come Come Spring!!!

It is always hard and depressed during end of winter.
I think waiting for the shortest time (the spring) in the year needs lots patience.
When weather report said 60*. Yeah!!!! I thought it is the time.
I had to go outside. However, mother nature wasn't ready. :(
I was in central park. I drew one drawing wishing for spring blossom.

A few more weeks there will be green everywhere .... Dont miss it because it will be gone so fast.
Come Come Come Spring....