Thursday, October 31, 2013

Figure Study #3

Another great day of study.
My mind was too busy.
I thought I saw things but I didn't see anything.
Once I started to see, look and draw, I saw things that my brain forgot to tell me.
Open up the senses and feelings for what's happening in front of me.
Put that down.
Honesty between my mind and paper.
There's my drawing.

Below 2 drawings are same pose but different graphics

Below 2 drawings are I made it invert in Photoshop in the computer. 
I wanted to see the design (shapes and directions and marks) better or differently. Why not?   

Below drawings are 2 hands same time and 1-2 minutes drawings.
I tried different things than last figure study #2. I used different mediums. 
Brush Vs Pen. soft pastel Vs hard charcoal.
I tried invert in photoshop.
Yes, I love Cy Twombly and Robert Motherwell. 

Playing with space.

Happy Halloween everyone!