Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pagination for my children's book from 2006

      After my Florida trip with Dalvero academy summer august 2012, I thought I had a Africa safari children's book idea. It was fresh and new for me. So I am working on the book right now. It will be out next year mid or late February. However, during the cleaning up my studio I found this pagination I did it year 2006. OMG, I was so surprised because I tried many different ways to make this book. Finally i decided it like a set design and at the last page of this pagination which is one of the most clear one, is what i did. For 6 years i had this idea funny? right?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy holiday!!!

I decided to slow down on clean up. It is nice to flip through the old sketch books. I found this thumbnail. For me this will be me for next few weeks. Happy holiday guys and good luck on shopping!!! ho ho ho!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawing from last DR trip

I found another drawing from last DR trip.
Missed sunshine, beach, and palm tree.
I would love to lay down on beach and read a book or limin'. :D
I remembered ocean color was jade green. So peaceful!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Old drawings I found during cleaning up studio

It has been a long time I post anything in my place. I was cleaning my studio which took me more than a week and it is still not done. There were lots dusts and messes. I have too much stuff. So far I have a small plastic bag to through away. I should do better but it is really hard. Cleaning up studio is a big challenge. However, there's positive about this cleaning up. I found some drawings I made during DR trip that i went with Amy and mom. It is hard to do drawing with family trip. Still I tried and I hated them so I put them away within files of my old drawings. I find it and I like it now. I should not judge them. it was the first time I went on all inclusive vacation packages and first time seeing aqua bar. Also i went to guggenheim to see Picasso's black and white show on last sat. made me like black and white more right now ( it can change :D). I hope you enjoy them.