Monday, November 19, 2012

Old drawings I found during cleaning up studio

It has been a long time I post anything in my place. I was cleaning my studio which took me more than a week and it is still not done. There were lots dusts and messes. I have too much stuff. So far I have a small plastic bag to through away. I should do better but it is really hard. Cleaning up studio is a big challenge. However, there's positive about this cleaning up. I found some drawings I made during DR trip that i went with Amy and mom. It is hard to do drawing with family trip. Still I tried and I hated them so I put them away within files of my old drawings. I find it and I like it now. I should not judge them. it was the first time I went on all inclusive vacation packages and first time seeing aqua bar. Also i went to guggenheim to see Picasso's black and white show on last sat. made me like black and white more right now ( it can change :D). I hope you enjoy them.

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