Friday, November 1, 2013

The first time visiting Governors Island, NY

I lived in New York for 21 years but I never visit the Governors Island until now.  The island belongs to Manhattan borough and it is located at south of Manhattan. You can take a free ferry from Manhattan or Brooklyn. It opened to public during the summer on weekends. The Governors Island had great events and people could enjoy the outdoor. I had a chance to see french carousels. It was a bless. I only went once and the first time this year. Definitely I will revisit next year.

I love that island. It is a great part of NYC life. If you want to meet the new yorkers, please visit the island.

Here's a few drawings I did and some photos I took. I was there for only 2 hours  or so because it took me more time to get there (subway weekend schedules). Yes, I did so non-new yorker thing. :)

TIP: Please check MTA for subway route. It is THE weekend. also Pack your lunch because the line was very long and it is good for picnic. Get the blankets or a jacket temperature maybe down later afternoon. People who was waiting at the ferry there's only 2 restrooms = long waiting line but Once you are in island there's huge restroom and no line. :D

Oh, One last thing. If you have a cycle , go for it. It is very nice to go around riding it in the island. :D
Happy November!
Just for fun, I wanted to post the French Carousel I saw when I was in the Paris. See How magical it is!

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