Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Great deaign and art are always great. It works everytimes.

Today's weather wasn't that great in NYC. It is humid and cloudy... and showers time to time.... It will be really cozy and sweet if you are in bed all day kind of day. You know what I mean...
I was looking at somethings in internet. I saw the chanel movie in you tube.

Chanel's : Christmas 2013 Makeup Collection: Nuit Infinie de CHANEL 2013

This reminds me of my all time favorite movie Orson wells' "Lady from shanghai" 1947


Personally I think I like Orson wells' better. He knew how to draw and one smart person. One day I want to be like him. Happy Thursday everyone and keep staying dry!  
Ps: Dont get me wrong I love Chanel......

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